About Me

I chose to set up a cleaning blog to share the tips and secrets of the cleaning industry, by looking at my picture you probally think i look more of a model than a cleaner (well maybe not a model) but you get my drift i certainly dont look like your average day to day cleaner. Im 26 from manchester, england just have a massive passion for starting something that looks a complete mess and by the time i have cleaned it all up it looks spick and span it started with my mum she used to take me on cleaning jobs in manchester city centre and i helped from a young age but by the time i was 13 i had a few jobs of my own and was making money.


When i left school and people decided to go to collage i decided that i would set

about meUp my own cleaning business, within a year of ups and down i had a round of 24 jobs per week charging £12ph i was making

about £250 per week doing 5 hours a day on hours on my terms. There us a big demand for cleaners Manchester and you can see this as I am now doing £2400 per week in clear profit with over 12 cleaners working for me and a number of clients.


I want to share my experience of setting up as a cleaner and building a small cleaning empire.

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